How to get involved

There is a need to understand the social impact of COVID-19 on citizens and to hear their stories. You are being asked to take part in a citizen science research project because you are person experiencing the societal effects of COVID-19. The purpose of this project is to learn more about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting people’s ways of life including short and long-term physical, social, mental, and behavioural health and well-being. It is called a “citizen” science project because by using the app you contribute data to this project, as well as use the platform to look at the data shared by other people.

Participation in the CoronaReport Citizen Science app is easy:

(1) Download: Get the free CoronaReport App on Google Play for Android or in the Apple App Store.

(2) Register an account: Create your own user account using your email address.

(3) Start sharing: You are logged in and ready to anonymously contribute. 

#CitizenScience for a better understanding of the Covid-19 crisis.
Download the Citizen Science App for Android
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